KidZania creates an area devoted to early childhood development: The RightZKeepers Neighborhood

According to UNICEF, early childhood is a critical stage of development that forms the foundation for children’s future well-being and learning.  Thus, being exposed from an early age to a learning environment has a positive impact on a child’s intellectual capacity, personality, and social behavior.

A positive learning environment refers to a surrounding that encompasses the right stimuli, in the right conditions and at the right time. All these elements need to be combined in the exact mix and should be aligned to children’s developmental milestones.

In an attempt to encourage kids’ holistic development at this early stage (1 to 4 years old), KidZania Cities worldwide are developing a confined space, where infants and toddlers will be able to explore freely and develop integrally:  the RightZKeepers Neighborhood.RightZKeepers3D.pngThis new area will be found in all the KidZania Metropolises that are currently under development, including KZ Guadalajara, KZ Doha, KZ Costa Rica, KZ Johannesburg; facilities expected to open between Q3 2018 and Q1 2019.

Although the RightZKeepers Neighborhood may change from facility to facility, some of the activities that will be found in this section include:


  • Science Lab: By means of their senses, toddlers will discover water, light, air, and sound.  This first approach to science will trigger their curiosity and develop their awareness of the world around them.
  • Baby Gym: It is a playful space with soft blocks of different shapes and sizes for toddlers to securely explore and develop their gross motor skills.
  • Art School: By embracing their natural drive to imagine and create, toddlers will experiment with different materials and techniques, developing their sensibility and their awareness of colors and shapes.
  • Open Stage:  A place where toddlers can explore self-expression, develop their confidence and communicate with others through an unimpeded performance.
  • Driving Circuit:  Toddlers will have a first approach to transit and transport by driving around the RightZKeepers’ Neighborhood while they develop a sense of direction.
  • Diner:  A children’s favorite; toddlers will work in a kitchen where they will create, cook and serve a complete and balanced meal to the Diner’s customers.
  • Construction Site: Toddlers will socialize and develop spatial awareness and motor skills, by building a house, using a crane and creating tiled walls.
  • Ride:  Both, toddlers and adults can onboard the train, sightsee around the Neighborhood and enjoy the ride.

All the activities mentioned above were tailor-made by KidZania to contribute to children’s motor, social, emotional and cognitive development and assist in their preparation to become their best selves in the future.

Moreover, the development of this area is part of a group of innovations called KidZania 4.0, which aim to optimize the company’s concept, reach a broader audience and enrich the KidZania experience in the upcoming years.

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