KidZania Learns More About Children’s Impressions About Financial Literacy, Work, and Family Life

As part of its strong commitment to children, KidZania strives to keep a continuous communication with them.  In order to encourage this rapport, KidZania conducts different initiatives worldwide aimed at understanding and analyzing their needs and wants.


The KidZaniaBi-Annual KidZ Survey, commissioned by KidZania Kuala Lumpur and KidZania Singapore in partnership with Agility Research, is one of these initiatives. More than 500 children between 7 and 15 years old, were interviewed across both cities in 2017 and shared their opinions regarding financial literacy, career aspirations, and their family life.

The outcome of this study shows that children are familiar with basic money management, are career-conscious, and appreciate spending time with their families. Some of the key findings from this survey include:

Malaysian and Singaporean Children are Financially Savvy

More than 90% of children in both countries receive an allowance and 78% of the participants in Malaysia choose to save this money for the future or to buy something special, like gadgets and electronic devices. In the case of Singapore, this percentage raises up to 94% of the interviewees.

Over a third of the respondents mentioned that their experience at KidZania helped them to learn about savings, expenditure and money management skills.  Moreover, 70% of the respondents in Malaysia, and 90% of the participants in Singapore mentioned that they choose to deposit their earnings at the KidZania Central Bank.

Family Bonding and Relationships

More than a third of the interviewees mentioned that they value family time over material goods. However, almost 50% of the respondents reported that they spend up to 2 hours with their families each day; being reading books with their parents one of their favorite activities.

Based on this finding, and since strong family relationships are critical for the healthy development of a child, KidZania Kuala Lumpur and KidZania Singapore are aiming to include more activities in which parents can participate alongside their children.

Aspirations for the Future

Their parents’ occupation and their personal interests are the two main factors that influence a child’s career aspirations. The majority of the respondents in both countries expressed their desire to become a teacher, a doctor or a police officer; careers to which they are familiar due to regular exposure.

On the other hand, when visiting KidZania, children mentioned that they love learning about teamwork, how to perform different jobs and broaden their horizons for the future. Furthermore, 82% stated that they could pursue a career in their favorite role-playing experience in the facility.

These findings allow KidZania to have an overview of the world from children’s perspective and to improve the experience it offers to visitors in terms of fostering learning while remaining current and fun.


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