KidZania Moscow, the 21st Global Location and First in Russia, Opened Today

MOSCOW, Russia. KidZania Journal. January 28, 2016. (English). –Today, KidZania opened its first kids’ city in Russia, delivering interactive kids entertainment and inspired learning that has fueled its global reach across 18 countries. KidZania Moscow joins 20 other locations around the world including Santa Fe, Monterrey, Tokyo, Jakarta, Koshien, Lisbon, Dubai, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Cuicuilco, Santiago, Bangkok, Kuwait City, Mumbai, Cairo, Istanbul, Jeddah, São Paulo, London and Manila, in offering KidZania’s unique and ultra-realistic role-play experience located in a kid-sized environment that inspires learning and fun.

With a 10,000 square meter location, KidZania Moscow is the largest in Europe. Children ages 4-14 will discover an ultra-realistic, kid-sized indoor replica of a city that is brought to life with over 50 real-world establishments and more than 100 different careers. Built on an unwavering commitment to help children realize their potential, KidZania Moscow is designed to inspire children to make their own discoveries about the world to ready them for a positive and healthy future.

The excitement started yesterday’s evening, where over 400 dressed-up guests attended the official Foundation of KidZania Moscow, a protocolary ceremony in which the Eternal Spirit of KidZania is lit up, marking the establishment of a new metropolis of the ever-growing nation. The event, conducted by Gevork Sarkisyan –CEO of Innova and Governor of KidZania Russia– and Xavier López Ancona –President and founder of KidZania– had the participation of Russian Government officials, Ambassadors, representatives of over 10 KidZania States and the Central Government of KidZania, managers and directors of the 40 Industry Partners, friends and family.

The most exciting moment of the night was when KidZania Moscow established a live streaming connection with the Russian cosmonauts orbiting around planet Earth on board of the International Space Station. Their congratulatory message thrilled all attendees and marked the precise moment when KidZania Moscow’s Eternal Spirit was lit with lasers.

This morning, a smaller crowd reunited at KidZania Moscow’s airport counters to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony, with the participation of Mr. Sergey Sobyanin, the City Mayor of Moscow. After officially opening KidZania Moscow’s doors to tourists, Governor Sarkisyan and President López Ancona toured Mayor Sobyanin and his VIP delegation around the newly-founded metropolis.

A few minutes later, a press conference was offered inside the KidZania Moscow theatre and included the remote participation of Natalia Vodianova, founder of the Naked Heart Foundation and Goodwill Ambassador of KidZania Moscow.

The impressive US$30 million project was developed and brought to Russia by Innova, the exclusive licensee for KidZania in Russia. Located in the AVIAPARK shopping center and developed in conjunction with experts from the Naked Heart Foundation to create a fully inclusive environment for children, KidZania Moscow is one of the most high-tech edutainment properties around the globe.

The metropolis will feature unique activities including a cosmonaut training center, a diamond mine and a pharmaceutical laboratory. For the first time in the history of the kid-nation, KidZania Moscow will also include a studio for filming a sitcom, as well as a digital newspaper and a number of activities using augmented reality.

“The city of Moscow was the ideal choice for the first KidZania in Russia,” said Xavier López Ancona, president and founder of KidZania. “We are thrilled to be in a cosmopolitan capital, where we can inspire children with cutting-edge technical experiences, relevant cultural and global fun, and activities that cross through all academic subjects to build imagination, confidence and a sense of community.”


“KidZania is a place on Earth where children become free in a good sense of the word. They learn to make their own decisions and make their own choices, while their parents, as observers, get an opportunity to assess the child’s abilities in any given area. ZanKs to our partners, we achieve the maximum effect of realism, when each kid is not only involved in the process, but inspired too. And KidZania’s ever-expanding geography provides children with an opportunity to view the world as extensively as possible”, said Gevork Sarkisyan, CEO of Innova and Governor of KidZania Russia.

The city was built in partnership with leading Russian and international companies, such as: Alfa-Bank, AlfaStrakhovanie, MTS, СTС Media, Europa Plus, LG Electronics, MEDSI, INVITRO, Colgate-Palmolive, Rosinter Restaurants (TGI Fridays, IL Patio, Costa Coffee), Perekrestok, Detskiy Mir, Baskin Robbins, Nezavisimost Group, Ferrero (Kinder® trademark), Roscosmos and URCS, The Russian Post, ALROSA, Buro 24/7, Bosco di Ciliegi, Chereshnevy Les Open Arts Festival, PepsiCo (Fruktoviy Sad, Lipton Ice Tea), Unilever (Lipton), BIC Kids, Danone (Rastishka, Actikids, Danone, Tyoma), PappaRoti, Petit Four, Castrol, Samsung, Gett, Canon, ILE DE BEAUTE, MaximaTelecom.

Alfa-Bank teaches financial literacy and encashment skills in the children’s branch of the bank and the vault. AlfaStrakhovanie takes care of the city’s guests and residents by insuring a burning building and motorists. LG Eleсtronics provides a brand-new air-conditioning system for the city and invites children to immerse in the world of secret agents in a special training center. In the Medsi Clinic, children can work in an ambulance, examine a patient or join a professional team of surgeons specializing in appendix removal.

In the INVITRO Laboratory, KidZanians master the procedure of collecting blood samples and their microbiological analysis. In the Colgate Dental Clinic, visitors are not only told how to take care of oral cavities, but how to treat caries too. In the STS Studio, children can try being hosts, operators, actors, make the news and shoot a sitcom themselves. In the Perekrestok and Detskiy Mir, KidZania’s young guests make purchases with their earned kidZos, and practice being a checkout cashier and a marketing specialist respectively. MTS gives children a chance to assess the role of mobile communications and mobile Internet in modern life and personally participate in the modernization of the city’s telephone system. Buro24/7 Editors Office, Europa Plus Radio Station and the Department of Journalism of KidZania University help children master the profession of a journalist. Employment in the local office of the Russian Post ensures timely delivery of correspondence and shipments through KidZania Moscow.

Boscо Fresh helps kids develop and practice their artistic skills in the acting academy and the modeling school, and then performing in front of an audience on the stage of the Grand KidZania Theatre. Children may learn different forms of art and paint their own pictures in Bic Kids Art School. Rosinter Restaurants opened several Costa Coffee coffee houses throughout the facility, as well as TGI Fridays and IL Patio, where it is possible not only to grab a bite, but make burgers and pizza; children can even do it with adults. In Baskin Robbins, children will find ice cream, and Petit Four will treat the guests with sweet desserts and will teach them how to create cream puffs, patty shells and other cakes.

The Kinder factory will give young visitors an opportunity to create their own chocolate. It is possible to create one’s own image for all occasions in the ILE DE BEAUTE beauty salon. In order not miss anything and better find one’s bearings in the city, it’s a good idea to join an amusing bus tour through KidZania Moscow along with Gett. Samsung and Canon, as technology partners, help the government of KidZania Moscow to create a hi-tech city. Free AURA WiFi from MaximaTelecom is available to all residents and guests all around KidZania Moscow.

There are special activities for the youngest visitors to KidZania Moscow. Tyoma kindergarten has developing games in store for them, while KidZania’s RightZKeepers—Urbano, Chika, Vita, Beebop and Bache—will always welcome young guests in their Residence. In the meantime, parents may go to the Parent’s Lounge where they can either relax from the city’s activities or listen to an interesting lecture.

“KidZania Moscow opens its doors today, but it is very important to note that the city will not stop developing, it will continue expanding and changing. Once again, it underlines the importance of connection with reality, the correlation between changing reality and the city itself,” added Governor Sarkisyan.

In the next few months, KidZania Moscow will continue growing with the incorporation of a unique cosmonaut training center—built in conjunction with Roscosmos and URCS—where children will be able to learn the legendary profession from within; ALROSA will build a diamond mine; Nezavisimost Group together with Castrol will launch a car tuning center and car maintenance shop; PepsiCo will open a Fruktoviy Sad juice factory and Lipton tea factory; Danone will launch a yogurt factory; and Bosco Fresh will open a fashion house.

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About KidZania

KidZania, Inc., headquartered in Mexico, is privately held. This award-winning concept is recognized globally for its unique blend of entertainment and education for children. Launched in 1999, there are currently 21 KidZania locations in 18 different countries, with many locations under development including Singapore, Busan, Delhi-NCR, Doha, Johannesburg and Paris. For more information about KidZania, visit, like us on Facebook /KidZaniaOfficial, or send us a tweet @KidZania!

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