KidZania is Certified as an Inclusive Company

MEXICO CITY, Mexico. KidZania Journal. December 3, 2015. (English). –Yesterday, at the 2015 edition of the “Gilberto Rincón Gallardo—Inclusive Company Distinction” ceremony, KidZania was recognized as being a company that implements good work practices in terms of equal opportunities, inclusion, development and non-discrimination of people with disabilities or vulnerable populations.

The distinction was bestowed by Mr. Alfonso Navarrete –Mexico’s Minister of Labor− to representatives of the 449 private and public companies and institutions from varied industries and sectors that achieved this outstanding milestone.

Inclusion 01

As a socially responsible company, KidZania enforces labor inclusion globally at all of its 20 locations

“KidZania prides itself of being an inclusive company since its foundation, we are a socially responsible corporation and our inclusion policy dictates that at least 5% of our team should be comprised by vulnerable populations such as people with disabilities and/or elderly citizens. The distinction that the Mexican Government recognizes us with today makes us very proud and I want to share this pride with the over 8,500 collaborators KidZania has around the world”.

                                                                     Xavier López Ancona                                                                  President of KidZania


Inclusion 02

KidZania is an inclusive and socially responsible company

Additionally, Mexico’s National Institute for Senior Citizens (INAPAM in Spanish) also recognized KidZania as a company that promotes human development among senior citizens, giving them employment opportunities for their welfare and quality of life.

Inclusion 03

KidZania enforces human development among senior citizens

In view of the International Disabilities Day, KidZania wants to ZanK all the people, institutions and corporations that have a high sense of social responsibility and that respect Human Rights, giving the best of themselves every day to make the world a better place.


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