Toy Stories

We all love stories told in photographs; those compelling tidbits of visual information that draw you in to look closer, more deeply, and to form conclusions about what is seen.


Gabriele Galimberti’s stunning body of work, Toy Stories, is the result of a singular obsession to find children’s most treasured toys and arrange them in an artful way with the most favorite toy at center stage.


In collaboration with their parents, Galimberti engaged in play with children from all over the world, gaining their trust and an insight into their daily lives and play passions. The kids were involved in selecting and collating their toys, which Galimberti would then arrange in a very particular way to highlight the most prized object.


Have a browse through Gabriele Galimberti’s amazing Toy Stories photos and you’ll see the common thread that links children everywhere; the love of play and that very special toy remembered throughout a life.

Via: Pirouette

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