Jordan joins the KidZania Nation

Located at Amman, Mecca Mall will bring a new world of edutainment for children

Amman, Jordan. Being the country’s economic, political and cultural center, and a population of over 3 million children between 0 and 14 years old, Amman will now expand its edutainment offer by hosting one of the most innovative family entertainment centers in the world. 

Edrak for Edutainment Projects Development and Al Adiyat Real Estate Development Company were the partners selected to open the first KidZania Metropolis in Jordan at Mecca Mall’s newest extension.

From left to right: Fareedon Hartoqa – Secretary General of the Jordan Investment Commission, Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat – Managing Director of the Jordan Tourism Board, Dr. Khalid W. Wazani – Chairman of the Jordan Investment Commission, Obaida Al Kurdi – CEO Abdoun, Amer Nasereddin – Local Partner of Edrak for Edutainment Projects, Ahmed Habib – President & CEO for Edrak for Edutainment Projects, Mohammed Al Kurdi – CEO Adiyat

Regarding this partnership, Mr. Ahmed Habib, CEO of Edrak for Edutainment Projects commented: “We are pleased to continue expanding our relationship with KidZania, first in Egypt and now in Jordan. This new Metropolis will allow children residing in Amman to enjoy this amazing edutainment concept and discover a wide variety of professions through the magic of role-playing activities. I’m delighted with this partnership and looking forward to collaborate with the team at Mecca Mall.”

“KidZania Amman will be our 9th Metropolis in the Middle East, thus increasing our presence in this thriving region. We are excited about the opportunity of bringing our quality edutainment concept to more children, who can later become positive change agents in their communities and contribute to the creation of a better world”, mentioned Hernan Barbieri, KidZania’s Minister of State.

Agreement signing event for KidZania Jordan

With an estimated cost of 10 million USD and a 12-month construction period, the first of its kind edutainment center in Amman, Jordan will span over an area of 5,000 sqm at Mecca Mall’s newest extension.

Welcome Jordan!

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