KidZania India is recognized as an authority in the field of edutainment


There is no substitute for hard work and KidZania India is a clear example of this motto! KidZania India continues collecting more accolades that recognize their outstanding work in edutainment and their commitment to empower, inspire and prepare children to become great global citizens.

During the first half of 2018, KidZania India has received 4 recognitions, awarded by different educational institutions that acknowledge the importance of reinforcing what children learn at school in different environments, where they can apply and expand their knowledge.

As stated in the 2030 Education Strategy developed by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD): “Education should be considered as an eco-system with many stakeholders”; framework to which KidZania contributes through its experience-based learning approach, which encourages, develops and reinforces children’s expertise, skills and values worldwide.

The awards obtained by KidZania India include:

  • Best Edutainment Program – Indian Education Awards 2018
  • Best Edutainment Concept – India Education Awards 2018
  • India’s Best Kids Edutainment Platform of the Year – India’s Education Excellence Awards 2018
  • Excellence in Edutainment – Mid-Day Excellence in Education 2018

KongratZ to the entire team of KidZania India, whose commitment has made these awards possible!

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