KidZania Mumbai is ranked #1 Attraction in Mumbai by TripAdvisor

MUMBAI, India. KidZania Journal. October 31, 2014. (English). –Today, KidZania Mumbai was listed as No. 1 on TripAdvisor’s all attractions list for the city of Mumbai. The first KidZania metropolis in India, also remains as No.1 on TripAdvisor’s amusement attractions list in Mumbai.

This ranking, also known as TripAdvisor Popularity Index, incorporates traveler ratings to determine overall traveler satisfaction. Unlike sites that simply rank a hotel by price or hotel class, TripAdvisor uses a proprietary algorithm to take into account what real travelers think –quantity, quality and recency of TripAdvisor reviews.

TripAdvisor Rank 1 - All Attractions Mumbai - 31st Oct KZMUM

How to know if an attraction is right for you? The price may fit your budget, but is the attraction clean? Is the location safe? How is the service? The Popularity Index helps TripAdvisor’s users answer questions like these easily and leads them to the best attraction.

When someone performs a search, attractions are ranked by quality as calculated by TripAdvisor’s Popularity Index. This ensures visitors they will always be looking at a fresh and unbiased view of the best attractions.

TripAdvisor’s ratings are:

  • Pure: Completely organic. No paid results influence rankings.
  • Fresh: Constantly incorporate new information.
  • Global: Reflect reviews from around the world.
  • Unbiased: Based on the good and the bad!

KidZania Mumbai Ranks No. 1 on TripAdvisor's Attractions List in Mumbai

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