The Dreams Of Malaysia's Next Generation

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia. Human Resources. February 5, 2014. (English). –What did you want to be when you grew up? Chances are it was something different than the field you’re currently in, but that hasn’t stopped Malaysia’s children from dreaming of their future careers in the entertainment and service industries.

The second annual Adecco Children’s Career Survey of Malaysia polled 7-14 year-old school children to learn more about their career aspirations and thoughts about the future, giving valuable insights into the country’s future workforce.

It revealed the top career choice is to become an actor (12%) followed closely by aspirations to become a teacher (11%).

In the same survey last year, becoming a doctor was the top choice. This time around that profession has slid to third place, followed by model and chef. Among other job aspirations the children cited were secret agent/spy, chocolate maker, tour guide, fashion designer and TV host.

As for their monthly salaries, expectations ranged from RM100 to RM1,000,000.

The findings also showed a considerable 88% of children believed family time was more important than making lots of money.

“There is some really interesting answers from the kids that Adecco surveyed across Malaysia. Not only are they thoughtful, they are also keen to secure interesting and varied jobs and careers,” commented Alma Othman, general manager of Adecco Malaysia.

When the children were asked what they would do if they became the Prime Minister of Malaysia, responses included having policemen to protect everyone in the shopping centres and roads, providing toy and games for the poor as well as assistance for the elderly and the less fortunate, and free ice-cream in schools.

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