KidZania Lisboa selected as "Best Play Day" by Portugal Confidential's "The Best of Lisbon"

LISBOA, Portugal. Portugal Confidential. February 4, 2104. (English). –KidZania Lisboa, the first KidZania metropolis in Europe, has been named “Best Play Day” by Portugal Confidential’s “The Best of Lisbon”, a supplement for “THE ADDRESS” Magazine.

“THE ADDRESS”, an exclusive online luxury property and lifestyle magazine that showcases great opportunities for luxury living in some of the most sought-after destinations across the world as well as property investment and food and travel features, appointed Greg Boegner, Founder and Managing Director of online resource Portugal Confidential to select the “Best of Lisbon” for this year. As self-proclaimed “purveyor of everything cool in Portugal,” there’s no doubt Mr. Boegner can provide a fresh look at an old city. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, the westernmost city in continental Europe, and the home of KidZania Lisboa.


More about Lisbon:

Perhaps surprising to many, Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, predating such international capitals as London, Paris and Rome. Phoenicians traded in Lisbon, before Romans used the city as a strategic port. Germanic tribes later raided the region, before they were ousted by Arab Moors. Finally, in 1147, Alfonso I besieged the city and once again claimed Lisbon for the Portuguese. During the Age of Discoveries in the late 15th century, Portugal sent expeditions to the Americas, India and Asia. The seafarers returned with treasures of gold, spices, sugar and textiles, which transformed Lisbon into an international hub for commerce. This distinctive history of occupation, exploration and trade, fused with centuries-old traditions of the Portuguese people, make Lisbon a city rich in culture and personality. From Manuelian architecture and stone “calçada” streets, to delicious seafood-based cuisine and passionate strains of Fado, Lisbon is steeped in old world charm. Yet, Lisbon is also a vibrant cosmopolitan city. Trendy cafes and boutique hotels are abundant. Designer shops and art galleries are busy and cultural and popular events ill the calendar.

No wonder Lisbon is consistently at the top of travel experts’ lists for best European destination and city breaks. It sits on the edge of the Atlantic, where the Tagus River meets the ocean. Seven hills rise up from the banks of the river, creating steep inclined streets and walkways, but also providing beautiful vantage points from a multitude of locations. There is no city centre, per se, in Lisbon. Many neighbourhoods (or bairros), each with their own unique character, stretch out from the Praça do Comercio at the river. The Baixa, perhaps the oldest part of the city, is the former business centre. Chiado attracts hipsters to its fashionable restaurants and trendy shops. Bairro Alto o”ffers bohemian chic by day, and a bustling bar scene at night. Quaint Alfama leads up to the Castelo São Jorge, with some of the most spectacular views of the city. And, Parque das Naçoes, former dockyards revitalized for the 1998 World Exhibition, off”er a modern perspective of the city. Every facet of Lisbon has its own story to tell. Museums detail the rich heritage through art, fashion, carriages, tiles and Asian artefacts. Ancient ruins reveal former castles, monasteries, aqueducts and catacombs. Monuments relive histories of navigators, discoveries and conquests. Each café and every street uncovers the soul that permeates the city.

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