KidZania is Named "Brand of Brands"

MEXICO CITY, Mexico. KidZania Journal. July 4, 2013. (English). –Last night, during the 10th International Marketing Anáhuac-Al Ries awards, KidZania was named Brand of Brands in the edutainment category. This award recognizes the most innovative marketing strategies that have managed to captivate the market, positioning and generating a bond between brands and the consumer.

For the 10th Edition of the awards, the jury was integrated by distinguished communication, advertising and public relations celebrities, scholars and professionals, whom evaluated the marketing strategies and recognized the best 16 brands in categories such as: restaurants, jewelry, fashion, gyms, labs, media, entertainment among others.

The International Brand of Brands award, which was the most important award of the evening, was given to FC Barcelona, and was received by Javier Faus and Laurent Collete, executives of the famous Barça soccer club.

KidZania shares the pride of being recognized as Brand of Brands, among other global and Mexican companies such as: Grupo Bimbo, Starbucks, El Cardenal, Tiffany & Co., Zara, Sport City, Bayer, Google, VISA, NFL, Mexican Red Cross, Fondo de Cultura Económica, Museo Nacional de Antropología, ARVM and Riviera Maya.


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