KidZania Hosts ICSC Next Generation members at KidZania Santiago

SANTIAGO, Chile. KidZania Journal. March 20, 2013. (English). -Today, KidZania hosted over 75 members of ICSC Next Generation at an event in KidZania’s new location in Santiago. The event was part of RECon Latin America, the most important real estate event in the region. ICSC Next Generation is designed to give new retail real estate professionals the chance for continued education and mentoring in a fun casual environment.

After being welcomed by Aldo Martínez the Chair of Next Generation Latin America, attendees heard presentations from Cammie Dunaway, Minister of Communications and Governor of KidZania US and Raúl Matte, Governor of KidZania Chile. The attendees then toured the facility and participated in hands on activities such as assisting in a surgery and producing their own bottle of Coca-Cola. Most attendees were aware of KidZania but had never personally experienced the brand’s unique blend of education and entertainment. Everyone was impressed with the attention to quality in both the facility and in the activities. Cecile Roca from ICSC summed up attendees feelings when she said “Wow KidZania is amazing!”

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