KidZania Celebrates Second Industry Partner's Summit in Jakarta

JAKARTA, Indonesia. KidZania Journal. November 9, 2012. (English). -KidZania’s Central Government celebrated its second Industry Partners’ Summit for the Southeast Asia region on November 7-8, 2012. Two months after celebrating a similar event for the Middle East region in Dubai, representatives of KidZania in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Philippines gathered at the Aryaduta Semanggi hotel in Jakarta to share their experience incorporating industry partners to their projects.

Among the attendees to the event were:

  • Mr. Scott Schubert – CEO, KidZania Thailand
  • Mr. Philip Whittaker – CMO, KidZania Malaysia and KidZania Singapore
  • Ms. Jessica Yim Lye Lye – Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnership and Commercial Development, KidZania Malaysia
  • Mr. Wilhall Lee – Content Manager, KidZania Malaysia
  • Ms. Theresa Wong Chia Yee – Vice President, Sales, KidZania Singapore
  • Mr. Kyoichiro Kamibayashi –  Executive Managing Director, KidZania Japan
  • Mr. Koji Nose – Managing Officer and Division Manager, KidZania Japan
  • Mr. Satoshi Takahata – General Manager, International Affairs, KidZania Japan
  • Mr. Gentaro Yui – General Manager, Education Development Department, KidZania Japan
  • Mr. Paolo Pineda – Partner, KidZania Philippines
  • Ms. Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas – CEO, KidZania Philippines
  • Ms. Uchu Riza – Governor, KidZania Indonesia
  • Mr. Adjie Razy – Mayor, KidZania Jakarta
  • Ms. Angeline – Minister of Industry, KidZania Jakarta
  • Mr. Andrew Park – Strategic Planning Team Manager, KidZania Seoul
  • Mr. Hernán Barbieri – Governor, KidZania Mexico
  • Ms. Maricruz Arrubarrena – Minister of Industry, KidZania Mexico
  • Mr. Andrés Fabre – Minister of State, KidZania Central Government
  • Mr. Edwin Omura – Ambassador for Asia Pacific, KidZania Central Government
  • Ms. Marcela Saldaña – Counselor for Southeast Asia and India, KidZania Central Government

Mr. Scott Schubert, Governor of KidZania Thailand, during his presentation at KZ SEA Summit 2012

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