KidZania Tokyo offers kids experience paying taxes

Tokyo, Japan. Kyodo News. February 15, 2012. (English). KidZania Tokyo, a theme park where kids can role-play in various jobs in the capital’s Koto Ward, launched Wednesday a new week-long attraction for children to experience paying taxes.

Children paid ”taxes” at the ”tax office establishment” from ”income” they earned from other KidZania attractions, where they can experience working in various professions such as a doctor, a firefighter and newspaper reporter.

After the staff explained that taxes are used to fund police, firefighters and education, the children filled out income declaration forms and received tax refunds.

The attraction is operated by an association of Tokyo companies that is promoting paying taxes. It says the experience will help children take an interest in taxes.

Children fill out income declaration forms and receive tax refunds at the tax-paying attraction by the popular role-playing theme park KidZania Tokyo in the capital’s Koto Ward. This attraction opened for a week that day.

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