Inside South Korea's 4D virtual reality theme park

Australia. PC & Tech Authority. February 14, 2012. (English). Theme parks of the future will pack Kinect, RFID tech and data sensors.

The Live Park interactive theme park in Korea is giving a taste of what theme parks might look like in the future. Designed by d’strict, the “4D” theme park comes packed with Kinect, RFID tech and data sensors to offer an immersive virtual and augmented reality world for visitors.

Guests have their own digital avatar, which follows them around the whole park, tracked by an RFID bracelet. If that doesn’t tempt you, then the world’s largest 360 degree interactive cinema house definitely should.

It’s 18,000 won for Adult weekend tickets, which is around US$14. Live Park’s creators are planning to export it to LA or Las Vegas soon.

To learn more, check out the Live Park video below:

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