Legoland park to offer seven themed areas

Malaysia, NewStraitsTimes, December 9, 2011 (English). The roller coaster will be one of the main attractions of the theme park in Nusajaya when it opens next December. 

LEGOLAND Malaysia is coming together, block by block. From its agreement signing ceremony between Iskandar Investment Bhd and Merlin Entertainments in December 2008 to its groundbreaking ceremony a year later, the 31ha theme park, built to the tune of RM720 million, recently saw the unveiling of the RM13 million steelworks for its roller coaster.


When completed, the roller coaster is going to be one of the main attractions of the theme park, which is targeted to pull in approximately one million visitors during the first year of operation.

The entire project is currently 40 per cent complete, according to IDR Resorts Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Muhammad Zainal Ashikin Muhammad Rejab who said that all construction work and manpower recruitment are on schedule for next December’s opening.

IDR Resorts, a member company of Iskandar Investment Bhd, which is developing the project with Merlin, is confident the theme park, when completed will offer fun and adventure for the whole family, especially those with young children.

The theme park will be home to 40 rides, with more attractions to be added within the next 10 to 15 years.

It will be divided into seven themed areas, each designed for participants of all ages to explore, have fun and learn from the experience.

The theme areas are “The Beginning”, “Lego City”, “Miniland”, “Land of Adventure”, “Imagination”, “Lego Kingdom” and “Lego Technic”.

“The Beginning” is the entrance area where the adventure begins.  There will be a Big Shop located here to offer the largest selection of Lego toys.

“Lego City” is where kids get to captain a boat and check out the junior driving academy where they will get to drive their own Legoland cars.

lego4There is also the Rescue Academy, where the entire family can race in Lego fire trucks to hose down a building which is “in flames”.

Another attraction will be “Miniland”, where millions of Lego bricks will be used to build replicas of some of the most prominent landmarks such as the Petronas Twin Towers; the Angkor Wat (Cambodia), the Merlion (Singapore) and Taj Mahal (India), among others.

At the “Land of Adventure”, visitors will get to journey through forgotten cities’ ancient temple ruins to recover a pharaoh’s stolen treasure while Dino Island will test the courage of the bravest families.

“Lego Kingdom” is where one will get to protect their kingdom by conquering the dragon and romp through the hideaways and do battle in the Royal Joust.

“Imagination” is the perfect haunt for a true Lego fan as everyone in the family can build and play with Lego bricks.  Here, one can find the Kid Power Towers where one can climb up and enjoy a view from the top before dropping to the ground.  One can pull oneself up again,  thus proving that there are no limits to one’s imagination.

Meanwhile, the “Lego Technic” is where one can find the test track which offers one a thrilling ride on the roller coaster.  While here, visitors may check out  Aquazone Wave Racers where one can try the power ski and dodge water blasts.

Creation of the 15,000 Legoland model structures at the Model Building Centre in the Nusa Cemerlang Industrial Park is also progressing smoothly.


Legoland Malaysia is the first Legoland in Asia and the sixth in the world.  Other Legoland are found in Denmark; United Kingdom; Germany; Florida and California, both in the United States.

In the pipelines are plans to bring Legoland to South Korea, Australia and Japan.

IDR Resorts is now offering early annual passes at discounted rates  on its website. They are  priced at RM195 for adults and RM150 (child).

The normal price for the annual pass is RM275 for adults and RM210 (child). The pre-opening annual passes will be valid until  end of 2013.

The gate prices for MyKad holders are RM140 for adults and RM110 (child), with a RM30 rebate for both.

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