Take a look at Tukluk, turning triangles into toys

A big step up from the ubiquitous flimsy foam square mats, this is Tukluk. So simple yet versatile, these are designed for kids to do what they do best – imagine, discover and build.

Although they are made from foam, what makes these different is that not only are they are thick enough to stand up, but the clever Austrian duo who devised them, have made them to stick together in any which way with integrated magnets. So they can be stacked, built and generally played with in any number of ways without flopping.

They are pretty big (one meter long) and you do need several to make stuff like a cubby house, so you’d need space. Plus at €75 per triangle plus shipping costs, they’re not cheap. But for a special play area they’d be hard to beat.

Available in ten different colours, each has a washable fabric cover –take a look at the Tukluk website for further details.

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