TEA installs new International and Division Board members

Orlando, Florida, USA – “Every year, we have to thank the many Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) volunteers who commit to running for International and Division Board positions,” said Rick Rothschild of Far OUT! Creative Direction, President of the TEA’s International Board, speaking on 16 Nov 2011 from the IAAPA Attractions Expo. “Once again, an exceptional cadre of industry professionals have stepped forward and have been elected by their peers to provide leadership and governance to our alliance.”

Rothschild also thanked outgoing International Board Directors John Wood, Sally Corp. and Scott Mallwitz, Cuningham Group, for their years of service, and outgoing Presidents of the TEA’s Eastern and Western Division Boards respectively, Brian Morrow of SeaWorld and David Aion of AION Company. Additional thanks were given to outgoing Europe & Middle East Division directors Alan Wilkinson, Electrosonic Ltd. and Hester Kloosterboer, The Smile of Experience, and outgoing Western Division Director Adrian Fischer of SeaWorld.

TEA’s International and Division Board Directors serve three-year terms, with the possibility of being re-elected to one additional consecutive three-year term. Associate Member representatives to the boards serve two-year terms, with the possibility of being re-elected to a second consecutive two-year term. Terms began Nov. 16, 2011.

2011-2012 Election Results – International Board 

  • President: Rick Rothschild, Far OUT! Creative Direction*
  • David Aion, AION Company
  • Scott Ault, BRC Imagination Arts*
  • Tommy Bridges, Alcorn McBride
  • Chris Conte, Electrosonic*
  • Kathy Golding, PTS* (Associate Representative)
  • Brian Leonard, Dillon Works!*
  • Peter McGrath, Walt Disney Imagineering*
  • Liz Terry, Attractions Management (Associate Representative)

Europe & Middle East Division 

  • President: Philip Hartley, Philip Hartley Associates Ltd.*
  • David Camp, AECOM
  • Gerd Guegel, Moods in Pictures*
  • Klaus Sommer Paulsen, Creative Network Agency
  • Philip von Stratum, P&P Projects
  • David Willrich, DJ Willrich Ltd.*

Eastern Division 

  • President: Joanna Del Moral, VOA Associates
  • Pete Carsillo, WDI
  • Yvette Whittaker, Falcon’s Treehouse
  • Kimberly Ridenour-Sims, Thorburn Associates

Western Division

  • President: Lynn Allmandinger, Dennis A. Murphy Drafting
  • Walter Brennan, exp.
  • Justin Brooks, USC (Associate Representative)
  • Jordan Coleman, JB Coleman LLC
  • Dave Crawford, WDI
  • Nancy Emerson, NBC Universal
  • Lenny Larsen, RGH*
  • Paul Osterhout, Contour Entertainment
  • David Price, VSI
  • Kristy Scanlon, Threshold Entertainment

*Indicates re-elected to a second term

About TEA 
The TEA (Themed Entertainment Association) is an international nonprofit alliance founded in 1991 and based in Burbank, Calif. TEA represents some 7,000 creative specialists, from architects to designers, technical specialists to master planners, scenic fabricators to artists, and builders to feasibility analysts working in more than 650 firms in 30 US states and 40 different countries. TEA presents the annual Thea Awards and the TEA Summit and hosts the annual SATE Conference (Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, Experience). TEA also produces a variety of print and electronic publications, including the TEA/AECOM Theme Index, TEA Project Development Guidelines, TEA Annual & Directory and Thea Awards Program magazine.

Visit TEA on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Via: InPark Magazine

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