KidZania Jakarta is recognized with the 2019 Best Metropolis Award!

•           During the award ceremony hosted in Mexico City, 10 KidZania Metropolises received the 2019 IZO:K Certification

Mexico City, Mexico. During the Top Management´s Zummit 2020´s gala dinner held in Mexico City, among representatives of Central Government and delegates from several KidZania States, the Institute for Ztandards Observance (I.Z.O) granted the IZO:K Certifications to the KidZania Facilities that complied with at least 80% of the established Ztandards.

The IZO:K Certification was received by representatives of each of the ten acknowledged Metropolises: KidZania Santa Fe, KidZania Monterrey, KidZania Tokyo, KidZania Jakarta, KidZania Cuicuilco, KidZania Mumbai, KidZania Cairo, KidZania Istanbul, KidZania Sao Paulo, KidZania Delhi NCR.

By receiving this Certification, the previously mentioned Metropolises became the only ten facilities eligible candidates to receive the Best Metropolis Award 2019.  The IZO:K Certification recognizes the KidZania facilities that exceed expectations regarding leadership, strategic planning, talent management, customer satisfaction, corporate social responsibility, compliance, operations and outstanding performance during 2018 achieving at least 80% of compliance of Ztandards.

In addition, during this gala event, KidZania Jakarta was recognized as KidZania´s 2019 Best Metropolis Award. Since KidZania Jakarta couldn’t attend due to the coronavirus outbreak, representatives from the Foreign Affairs team, received this prestigious recognition on their behalf.

KongratZ KidZania Jakarta!

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