KidZania Doha and Education Experts Discuss the Future of Learning in Qatar

Represented by Dr. Ger Graus, KidZania Global Director of Education, KidZania Doha participated during the “Education Conference 2019” organized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar on April 25th, 2019.

With the keynote “Future Jobs for Future Children”, Dr. Graus emphasized on how entertainment can be used as a tool to complement learning. The lecture was followed by a panel discussion in which representatives from WISE, Qatar Foundation, Qatar Career Development Center and Qatar Entertainment talked about methods to develop local and global trends that change the current educational process to a model based on competencies, as well as the key role of educators as knowledge producers for children.

These topics are aligned to the Qatar National Vision 2030 to build a sustainable and harmonized society by preparing the children of tomorrow, enabling the kids in Qatar to fully embrace real working life.

KidZania and KidZania Doha, in particular, align to this goal through its pedagogical approach, based on experience-based learning; model in which children are encouraged to develop their skills and competencies, as well as promote social values while participating in role-playing activities that are interactive and fun.

During his most recent visit to Doha, Dr. Ger Graus also received an award from his Excellency, Dr. Ibrahim Al Naemi, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education for Qatar, for his services to education. KongratZ Dr. Graus!

Ibrahim Al Naemi, Under Secretary for Education for Qatar, and Dr. Ger Graus OBE, Global Director of Education for KidZania.

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