KidZania is making a great impression with its expansion plan


DSC_1259After announcing the arrival of KidZania facilities within the US, the company has been intensely covered by international media, proving the great impact that the unique edutainment concept of KidZania generates around the world. Here’s an informative brief of what media is saying about KidZania.

Keith Rubenstein, CEO of KidZania USA, was interviewed on CNBC’s Power Lunch, speaking about the facilities under development (Dallas and Chicago), the general concept of KidZania and what the future openings will offer to kids, pursuing the mission of preparation for a Better World. Here’s what Rubenstein said about KidZania’s concept:

“It inspires them to aspire. So, what happens is kids come and they see what is like to be an adult, and they take what they learn in school and they simulate that into real-life settings”.

Sandeep Mathrani, CEO of GGP Inc., also took it’s time to talk with CNBC about KidZania in the United States, highlighting KidZania’s offer for mall visitor and what an opening can bring to the mall: “Good concepts go into the best shopping centers, both (Dallas and Chicago) are shopping centers that are 99% occupied and as a matter of fact we are actually creating space in order to incorporate KidZania.”

You can watch both interviews here:


Chicago Tribune also highlighted the arrival of KidZania to the windy city, quoting Mr. Sandeep: “We’ve embraced working with KidZania and are excited to introduce this one-of-a-kind experience to the Chicago community.”

On NBC Chicago, Rubenstein said: “We are thrilled to provide a new learning experience to families and educators throughout the Chicago community.” Adding, “KidZania at the Oakbrook Shopping Center will be a fascinating space for children to develop leadership, teamwork and financial literacy skills that will last a lifetime.”

Regarding Dallas, Dallas News gathered a great set of quotes from Gregory Knoop (KidZania USA), Frisco Mayor Maher Maso, and the president of Frisco Economic Development Corporation. Everyone is involved and excited with the announcement of KidZania in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Maher Maso, Frisco Mayor said to Dallas News: “Frisco has always been drawn to partners which focus on families, education and entertainment, so we have a lot in common with KidZania,” giving a great scope about what their community can expect with the future opening of KidZania in Dallas. “The company’s innovative approach to inspiring and learning will undoubtedly be a big hit here.”

Jim Gandy, president of the Frisco Economic Development Corporation added, “Young families in Frisco, North Texas and beyond will find this destination more than a fun day out.” Finally, Sandeep Mathrani gave further details on why GGP decided to join the KidZania Nation and bring new facilities to the US: “We’ve embraced working with KidZania for their remarkable concept that aligns with our mission to provide an outstanding environment and experience that customers have come to expect from us.”

If you want to learn more, you can read these stories at:

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