The deep correlation between KidZania and new Kotler’s book


KidZania facility development is closely entwined with each city, and Mr. Xavier López reflects this in the prologue of “Marketing of Cities: Create and flourish in high growth markets”, a new book by Philip Kotler and Milton Kotler, published by LID and recently launched at KidZania Cuicuilco.

In this event, Mr. Xavier López participated in a round table with Adriana Rius (3M Mexico), Antonio Ocaranza (Wal Mart Mexico), Armando Zúñiga (IPS Group) Gandhi Durán Hernández (Farac) and Marcela Velasco (Telcel), all these companies taking part of the book, as their case studies serve as a great example of the way that companies work in a symbiotic relationship with the cities.

Mr. López made emphasis in developing feasibility studies to gather information in regards to population, social economic level, among other conditions to define the best strategy for settling in a new city.

In the prologue, Mr. López writes: “One of the most important learnings I had during the process of taking KidZania from an entrepreneurial project to a multinational company was precisely that companies and cities are extremely intertwined. KidZania prospers in markets where we are actually operating as much as the cities we are in. That same principle applies for when the economy of a city is struggling or slowing down for social, political or natural factors. This correlation is so close that can affect businesses in both ways.”

This book is aimed to business leaders, helping them to choose the best location for a successful investment, as well as helping marketing directors to intensify their efforts and get better results. Marketing de Ciudades by Philip and Milton Kotler, with prologue of Xavier López Ancona, is now available through LID Editorial.

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