Urbano and Vita in Space

Somewhere up there in space. KidZania Journal. March 6, 2015. (English). –In an unprecedented milestone for KidZania and any player in the entertainment industry, KidZania’s RightZKeepers Urbano and Vita traveled to outer Space to announce the development of a Space Center establishment in KidZania Moscow, where kids will learn about Space and try themselves as astronauts. Real-life astronauts will be special guests telling children about the Universe.

Urbano’s lifetime dream of becoming an astronaut and orbiting the Earth is now a reality that excites us all. He traveled with his sister Vita and in an exclusive interview for the KidZania Journal, this is what he was able to say: “How amazing! I worked really hard to build a spaceship that could take me to Space. I’m happy that I finally made it happen. What I can say to all kids on Earth is that if they try real hard to pursue their dreams, they will most likely come true. Takes time and effort, but the results are worth it.”

Vita, on the other hand, said: “I’m so excited that Urbano finally made his dream come true. I wished we could have brought Bache with us and let him follow the steps of Laika, the first space dog. But he will be able to try himself as an astronaut in KidZania Moscow.”

If you look up during a clear night you might be able to see Urbano and Vita orbiting the Earth. They will be getting a lot of experience as astronauts and will implement their knowledge at the Space Center establishment that will soon open in KidZania Moscow later this year.

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