KidZania Kuala Lumpur Appoints 20 Children to Govern The City for Cool Kids!

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia. KidZania Journal. March 29, 2014. (English). –KidZania Kuala Lumpur, the award-winning indoor educational and entertainment theme park celebrated its inaugural KidZania CongreZZ, with 20 children being sworn into office.

CongreZZ is the legislative governmental body of KidZania, overseen by 20 children who are its elected representatives and naturalised citizens. Voted into office, KidZania CongreZZ Kids meet quarterly at the city level to share ideas and voice opinions in order to keep KidZania’s spirit alive, current and socially relevant. The purpose and intent of these meetings are to benefit the KidZanian community by discussing topics such as media, entertainment, education, literature, as well as sharing the main concerns of tourists and citizens of KidZania.

CongreZZ Kids are required to serve KidZania for a period of one year, in which a new election campaign will take place at the end of each term. To ensure that only the most deserving candidates are elected into office, candidates have to go through a selection process that includes, résumé submission, video submission and a face-to-face interview.

The inaugural KidZania CongreZZ campaign at KidZania Kuala Lumpur attracted over 200 résumés. These were then shortlisted into video submissions for the final judging round, in a face-to-face interview before a panel of judges who comprised of YBhg. Tuan Haji Mohd Anuar bin Abdul Hamid, Senior Principal Assistant Director, Co-Curriculum and Arts Division, Ministry of Education, Malaysia; Puan Zalina Kamis, Assistant Director, Co-Curriculum and Arts Division, Ministry of Education, Malaysia; Mrs. Mara Whittaker, Educationalist and two representatives from Themed Attractions and Resorts.

Elected CongreZZ Kids were judged based on their exemplary aptitude in the areas of education, communication skills, sociability, creativity, respectfulness, articulation as well as overall personality attributes by the panel of judges, whose expertise cover the fields of education, training and marketing.

Y.M. Tunku Dato’ Ahmad Burhanuddin, Managing Director And Chief Executive Officer of Themed Attractions and Resorts Sdn Bhd and Governor of KidZania Malaysia who witnessed the occasion said, “KidZania CongreZZ provides children with the opportunity to exercise their independence through the participation of engaging forums and activities. These children have experienced KidZania at least twice, so they are familiar with the concept, philosophy and activities, and thus are able to contribute fresh, new and creative ideas that will benefit the greater KidZania community.”

The first of 20 chosen CongreZZ Kids were officially sworn into office at KidZania Kuala Lumpur, where they solemnly pledged to preserve the rights of KidZania, keep its spirit alive and to get ready for a better world.

Benefits of being a KidZania CongreZZ Kid includes participation and decision-making on activity enhancement at KidZania Kuala Lumpur, an exclusive CongreZZ Kids Office Package that consists of a back pack, t-shirt, badge and stationary, a plaque in recognition of service to KidZania CongreZZ and complimentary monthly admission into KidZania Kuala Lumpur for the CongreZZ Kid and four friends.

“KidZania Kuala Lumpur is proud of this milestone as we are truly living up to our spirit of educating, inspiring and empowering children as they discover life in this city that is built just for them,” added Y.M. Tunku Dato’ Ahmad Burhanuddin.

The name “CongreZZ” spelled with ‘Z’ was chosen because at its very core, the word signifies the action of coming together. In choosing to replace the letter “s” with the letter “Z,” the kids were alerting KidZania’s constituency that this would not be their parent’s or an adult’s version of a congress, but rather, it would embrace the kids’ own point of view and express the creativity, passion and resolve that embodies everything their vision stands for.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur's CongreZZ  being sworn in during the oath recital

KidZania Kuala Lumpur’s CongreZZ being sworn in during the oath recital

Newly sworn in KidZania CongreZZ Kids for 2014/2015 term posing with KidZania CongreZZ Act

Newly sworn in KidZania CongreZZ Kids for 2014/2015 term posing with KidZania CongreZZ Act

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