‘KidZania’s World Fair’ to teach children about cultures of the world

Dubai, UAE. Mid-East Info. September 8, 2013. (English). –KidZania, the award-wining edutainment centre managed by Emaar Retail LLC in The Dubai Mall, is participating in the global campaign ‘KidZania’s World Fair’ 2013, encouraging children to become global citizens as they learn about different cultures. The initiative will teach little ones about traditions of UAE, Mexico, Indonesia, Portugal, and Japan until September 30, 2013.

Children will learn to embrace and celebrate the world’s diversity as they are exposed to five different colourful stands representing UAE, Mexico, Indonesia, Portugal, and Japan, offering them traditional activities inspired by the respective countries.

At the UAE stand, children will learn to make their own ‘Fanoos’ lanterns, as a symbol of the Arabic culture; while the Japan stand will teach them to make elegant Japanese folding fans. The Portugal kiosk will feature beautiful ceramic design making; Indonesia will give the opportunity to make traditional puppets; and Mexico will feature arts & crafts, allowing one to make their own ‘Piñata.’

Maitha Al Dossari, Chief Operating Officer of Emaar Retail LLC, said: “The development of children is KidZania’s priority and we are proud to contribute in making children responsible global citizens. Dubai is home to more than 200 nationalities and with this type of initiative children will explore and learn about different cultures of the world in a fun way.”

A photo booth will allow young ones to dress-up in traditional outfits against a backdrop from each country and capture the moment forever. KidZania will also play its theme song in the five languages: Arabic, English, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Other specially-themed activities will be offered at the Jewelry Shop, Painting School, Culinary School, Beauty Salon, Newspaper, Radio and Courier Service. ‘KidZania’s World Fair’ will be held annually, featuring different countries, every edition.

Located on level 2 of The Dubai Mall, KidZania provides a safe, unique and very realistic educational environment that allows kids to do what comes naturally to them: role-playing by mimicking traditionally ‘adult’ activities. It features a university, fire station, race track, radio station, pizzeria, hospital, bank, theatre, among others, all scaled down to a smaller, child-friendly size. Children dress up in real-life uniforms and perform realistic professional tasks in a fun and meaningful way.

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