KidZania Santiago and Chile's SERNAM Launch "Dreaming Has No Gender" Program

SANTIAGO, Chile. KidZania Journal. June 20, 2013. (English).The Minister of Chile’s National Women’s Service (SERNAM) Loreto Seguel King, along with Pedro Tagle –Governor, KidZania Chile– and Raúl Matte –Mayor, KidZania Santiago– signed today a collaboration agreement called “Dreaming has no gender” to let chilren enrolled in SERNAM’s 4-7 program learn different trades and professions eliminating gender and cultural barriers that are associated with each of them.

In view of this scenario a public-private partnership has been created with KidZania Santiago to encourage the 9,250 participants of the program experience the professions that are generally linked to men and change that perspective, emphasizing that both boys and girls can perform the same functions, roles and tasks.

Minister Seguel, said that “this collaboration agreement allows us to create the necessary conditions to promote a cultural transformation, delivering value from knowledge and role-play, letting boys and girls learn first-hand what each job about. “

“We believe it is very important to help remove the various cultural barriers where girls think that they can’t perform and outstand in jobs traditionally done by men, as well as spaces traditionally viewed as feminine but where men can also perform well”, added the Minister.

Raúl Matte –Mayor, KidZania Santiago– commented that “it is extremely important for us to sign this agreement because it is totally consistent with what KidZania wants. It is a great opportunity to be part of this agreement as it reflects our commitment to inclusion and social responsibility”.

“It’s very important because KidZania is a transverse theme park: we are constantly receiving children from all walks of life that come to get entertained and educated in a different way. Here all activities are designed and intended our “Mr.’s and Misses” –as we call our young visitors– and we’ve had pleasant surprises since in activities that you’d think were designed specifically for boys we’ve had plenty of girls and viceversa; take the auto repair shop or the fashion studio, for instance. I’m pretty sure that this agreement will give us a lot of satisfaction”, added the City Mayor.

The agreement implies a 86% ticket discount, with a monthly quota of 200 children accompanied by their school teachers, to let them enjoy KidZania, while also generating an excellent opportunity for integration.

“This initiative also seeks to promote the reduction of gaps, encouraging the career development of women within organizations, plus inviting businessmen and women to take part in this challenge of working in jobs traditionally held by the opposite gender and thus contributing to increased productivity and competitiveness through the implementation of actions to promote equal opportunities between men and women,” concluded Minister Seguel.

Watch the video below (in Spanish)

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