31 Speech And Language Apps For iPad

TeachThought. January 30, 2013. (English).Teachers With Apps brings you 31 super speech and language iPad apps for home, classroom, and/or the therapist’s office. Speech and language is one area of educational apps that has exploded with smashing success. The prices range anywhere from free to expensive–there is a stuttering app that runs almost $1,000! Don’t fret, most are reasonable and many have a free/lite version.

More importantly, SLPs feel they are getting results like never before. Below you will find 31 super speech and language iPad apps that we and several SLPs consider to be the most effective. The apps are listed in no particular order, except… however, we did start our list with Mobile Education Store, as Kyle Tomson’s first-class apps were the first of this sort that TWA reviewed.

31 Speech And Language Apps For iPad

1. ConversationBuilderTeen is a conversation simulator designed to help teenaged children learn how to have multi-exchange conversations with their peers, in a variety of social settings. The auditory pattern of conversation is presented in a visual format to help students recognize and master the flow of conversation. ConversationBuilder is designed to help elementary aged children.

2. Story Builder for iPadtargets picture description, word order, sentence formation, vocabulary, making predictions, cause/effect, pronouns, verb tense, and sequencing. It is designed to help children improve in paragraph formation, integration of ideas, and making higher level abstractions by inference.

3. Language Builder targets picture description, sentence formation, word order, verb tense, vocabulary, pronouns. It is designed to help children improve sentence ideation, sentence formation, and receptive and expressive language.

4. Preposition Builder targets picture description and sentences formation using appropriate prepositions. It is designed to help elementary aged children learn to use prepositions and learn how prepositions can change the meaning of a sentence.

5. TenseBuilder is designed to help students learn how to identify and use correct tense forms by playing movie quality animated videos to demonstrate past, present and future tense. 48 video lessons (will expand to 54) are in place to help give students a deeper understanding about the purpose of tense. Special attention is paid to the past tense of irregular verbs.

6. Question Builder is designed to help elementary aged children learn to answer abstract questions and create responses based on inference. Extensive use of audio clips promotes improved auditory processing for special needs children with autism spectrum disorders or sensory processing disorders.

7. Sentence Builder is designed to help elementary aged children learn how to build grammatically correct sentences. Attention is paid to the connector words that make up over 80% of the English language. Sentence Builder offers a rich and fun environment for improving the grammar of all children.social settings. SentenceBuilderTeen is designed to help teenage children learn how to build grammatically correct sentences.

8. Rainbow Sentences is designed to help students improve their ability to construct grammatically correct sentences, the who, what, where, and why parts of sentences are color coded to help students recognize and understand how combinations of these parts create basic sentence structure.



9. Profile of Phonological Awareness was developed for the purpose of evaluating and describing the phonological awareness skills of children.

10. Articulate Scenes allows children to practice their sounds with a variety of engaging and fun activities   based on the cinema.

11. Social Quest improves pragmatic language comprehension and expression in a variety of social situations for older elementary, middle school, and high school-aged populations.

12. Syntax City targets a variety of grammatical elements for elementary and middle school children. The English rules of plurals, irregular verbs and verb agreement are addressed.

13. Articulate It! is designed to help SLPs work towards improving the speech of children with speech delays.  It contains over 1 thousand images in all sounds of the English language. Voice recording and data collection included.

14. iName it was designed by and for speech-language pathologists to assist individuals with word finding difficulty secondary to aphasia. Additionally, it can benefit individuals with apraxia that are assisted by visual and sentence completion cues.

15. Language Empires is designed for elementary age students and targets 8 goals: Answering how, why, and which questions, inferencing, vocabulary, predicting, figurative language, and sequencing.


AssistiveWare horizontal

16. Proloquo2Go provides a master solution to assist anyone who may have difficulty speaking. This communication system redefines AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication).

17. Pictello is a simple way to create talking photo albums and talking books. Each page in a Pictello Story can contain a picture, up to five lines of text, and a recorded sound or text-to-speech using high-quality voices.  Target: social stories, story retell, etc.



18. The Social Express, by The Language Express, is an engaging, interactive software application designed for children with autism, Asperger’s, and ADHD, nonverbal learning disabilities, pragmatic language deficits or other social learning challenges.



19. Splingo’s Language Universe, by The Speech And Language Store, is a fun alien hosted app that helps develop listening and language skills. It is an entertaining, motivating game, where the focus is on a variety of different aspects of language, including naming words (nouns), action words (verbs), location words (prepositions), description words (adjectives), e.g. color, size.



20. SLP Minimal Pairs Full, by SLP Tech Tools, uses pairs of 367 words to help clients identify and correct phonological sounds. Developed by speech-language pathologists, this app can help identify phonological disorders in children age pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade.



21. Speech With Milo Apps, by Doonan Speech Therapy, are a series of nine speech apps to build language skills working on sequencing, vocabulary, and basic subject + verb + object sentences.)


22. ArtikPix, by Expressive Solutions LLC/Eric Sailers, utilizes speech sound delays through 21 decks for the following sounds: th, f, v, ch, sh, k, g, s, z, l, r, s-blends, r-blends, l-blends, p, b, m, n, t, d, j. The decks are combined, selected for sound group, then practiced in full-featured flashcard and matching activities. The features include recorded audio, voice recording, and scoring and data collection.



23. Phonics Studio, by Grasshopperapps.com,makes learning how to pronounce words fun and easy. Mastering pronunciation, your students will also greatly expand their existing vocabulary since the app comes fully loaded with over 2,500 gorgeous flash cards.


Speak it! Text to Speech

24. Speak it! Text to Speech, by Future Apps Inc, allows you to copy and paste text or type your own text into the app and then reads the text aloud. This is great for students working on grammatical structures and sentence formation.



25. Verbally, by Intuary, is is an easy-to-use, comprehensive augmentative and alternative Communication (AAC) app for the iPad. Verbally brings speech to those without and enables real conversation with its simple, intuitive design.  Just tap in what you want to say and Verbally speaks for you.



26. iCommunicate, by Grembe Inc. lets you design visual schedules, storyboards, communication boards, routines, flash cards, choice boards, speech cards, and more. It is customizable to meet your needs.


27. Articulation Station Pro, by Little Bee Station, is designed to help children, as well as adults, learn to speak and pronounce their sounds more clearly – offering practice at the word, sentence and story levels.



28. Dragon Dictation, by Nuance Communication, is speech to text application.  To use it, students speak into the microphone and their speech is converted to text.  The accuracy is impressive, even with difficult words or background noise.



29. Describe It (SLP), by is the latest by Pocket SLP, developed to increase children’s semantic language skills. It works to provide children a framework of reference to describe words/objects.



30. Toontastic: All Access, by Launchpad Toys, is a wonderful creative learning tool that empowers kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons through imaginative play. Perfect for encouraging all kinds of speech and language skills. Though not specifically for speech and language, every SPL seems to be using it. We reviewed it and it is a fabulous app.



31. My PlayHome, by Shimon Young, again not specifically for speech and language, but every SLP has it on their list. It is the original and best doll house app. Massively interactive, your kids can explore and use everything in the house. The characters eat, sleep, shower, brush their teeth, open the closets, watch TV and take showers.

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