KidZania Celebrates its First Industry Partners' Summit in Dubai

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates. KidZania Journal. September 5, 2012. (English). -KidZania’s Central Government celebrated its first Industry Partners’ Summit for the Middle East and North Africa region on September 4-5, 2012. The summit took place at The Palace-The Old Town hotel in Dubai with the objective of sharing successful industry partners’ cases and common difficulties encountered during the sales/pitch process.

Among the attendees to the event were:

  • Mr. Tarek Zidan – Governor, KidZania Egypt
  • Mr. Sherif Balsha – Minister of Industry, KidZania Cairo
  • Ms. Salma Mostafa – Industry Partners Manager, KidZania Cairo
  • Mr. Sanjeev Kumar – Governor, KidZania India
  • Mr. Viraj Jit Singh – Minister of Industry, KidZania Mumbai
  • Ms. Sona Mazumdar – Industry Partners Manager, KidZania Mumbai
  • Mr. Fernando Medroa – Governor, KidZania Kuwait
  • Ms. Kindah Agha – Minister of Industry, KidZania Kuwait
  • Mr. Kevin Ulgenalp – Governor, KidZania Saudi Arabia
  • Ms. Eman Baker – Minister of Industry, KidZania Jeddah
  • Ms. Lara Sayinsoy – Governor, KidZania Turkey
  • Ms. Banu Erton Kalay – Minister of Industry, KidZania Istanbul
  • Mr. Ric Fearnett – Mayor, KidZania Dubai
  • Mr. Deepak Rego – Minister of Industry, KidZania Dubai
  • Mr. Allan Goldwyn – Industry Partners Manager, KidZania Dubai
  • Ms. Aarthi Sreejith – Industry Partners Manager, KidZania Dubai
  • Ms. Maricruz Arrubarrena – Minister of Industry, KidZania Mexico
  • Mr. Andrés Fabre – Minister of State, Central Government of KidZania
  • Mr. Hernán Barbieri – Minister of Foreign Affairs, Central Government of KidZania
  • Mr. Enrique Peñaloza – Counselor for MENA, Central Government of KidZania

Besides useful presentations from representatives of the Central Government of KidZania and the KidZania States, attendees participated in a Team Workshop where 4 teams had to prepare a case study and then present it to the rest of the teams. This excercise contributed to sharing recommendations and best practices.

According to the event’s survey, we’re very glad to know that 100% of the participants think that the event met their expectations and that the Team Workshop was useful.

The Central Government of KidZania will plan to do similar summits in other regions of the world where KidZania has presence, with the intention of having other members of the KidZania family network, share best practices, obtain tools and align strategies for improving industry partners’ sales performance of their region.

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