KidZania Announces its Foray in India

Mumbai, India. KidZania Journal. June 13th, 2012. (English). –KidZania the world’s fastest-growing edutainment brand will soon be opening doors in India. KidZania provides children and their parents a safe, unique, and very realistic educational environment. KidZania creates a kid-centric city experience for 4 -14 year olds by combining role play with fun and learning, where kids have an authentic & powerful development experience-wrapped in awe inspiring fun careers, and recreational activities.

At a press conference hosted by Mr. Hernan Barbieri, Global Integration Director, KidZania Mexico and Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Director & CEO, KidZania India, the team provided an insight into the world of KidZania for both the media as well as the potential Brand sponsors.

Headquartered in Mexico, KidZania was founded in Mexico City in 1996 by a young entrepreneur, Xavier Lopez, who dreamed of creating a place where kids could have fun while enjoying real life experiences. KidZania believes that kids can make a difference and it is our mission to provide an environment that empowers them to explore, challenge themselves and open their minds to new experiences.

KidZania is an edutainment indoor theme park scaled & built specially for kids. KidZania is about real life experiences, empowering, inspiring, and educating kids through role play. The KidZania experience is designed to remind kids that life is about options, and to reach as high as possible. It embraces the children’s diversity with an expansive vision and gives them a shared way of thinking & collective passion about their beliefs, hopes and dreams. This makes KidZania a unique educational city which stimulates creative thinking, boosts self-esteem and self-confidence levels.

By blending reality with entertainment, KidZania provides an authentic and powerful developmental experience, preparing kids to understand and manage their world. At KidZania, the kids can be fire-fighters, journalists, bankers, doctors and much more in any one of the authentic role playing activities across establishments. Kids don‘t just role-play careers; they earn kidZos (KidZania’s official currency), learn how to manage money (open a bank account, encash cheques), and purchase goods and services. Kids learn through experience about different professions, how a city works, financial literacy, local government, care for environment, and how to work both independently and as a team. Kids also get paid for the working in the establishments in kidZos.

Bringing this unique edutainment centre to India is ImagiNation Edutainment India Pvt. Ltd., whose shareholders are KidZ INC PTE LTD, Singapore & the Bollywood superstar Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. KidZania India’s first centre will be opening in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. KidZania will be located on the 3rd & 4th level in Mumbai’s largest mall R City, LBS Marg. It is spread across 75,000 sq. ft. with 60+ establishments and 75+ role-playing options for kids.

The Mumbai centre is expected to have its soft launch by early 2013 and be fully operational by summer 2013. Speaking on the scheduled launch of KidZania Mr. Hernan Barbieri, Global Integration Director, KidZania Mexico said “We have been delighted with the responses that KidZania has received globally and are confident that India will be equally good! The combination of our winning concept and flawless execution will give India an edutainment centre like no other! Our mission is to feature the very best educational entertainment experience in role-playing for our visitors and deliver the most effective interactive medium of communication for our industry partners.”

Speaking on the scheduled launch of KidZania, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Director & CEO, KidZania India said “We are delighted to be a part of the KidZania family and on track to open the first edutainment centre in Mumbai. KidZania is going to provide kids with a unique and differentiated learning experience, inspire global citizenship and build strong community awareness among our children through an experience that is hands-on, engaging, educational, and most importantly, fun. Real-world brands are a key component to our success as they add realism to the experience, making it authentic, immersive and rewarding for kids. KidZania is a great platform for brands to participate in educating children towards a more responsible and informed way-of life. We are looking forward to partnering with leading brands and create one of the best entertainment centres in India!”

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