KidZania Celebrates World Environment Day as 45,000 kids sign Global Pledge to Create a Greener World

MEXICO CITY, June 5, 2012. KidZania Journal. (English). – In honor of the United Nations’ World Environment Day, KidZania, a global leader in children’s edutainment, today revealed that 45,000 children from 50 countries have signed its Greener World Pledge committing to create a cleaner and greener planet. The pledge is the culmination of KidZania’s first-ever “KidZ for a Greener World” campaign, which launched on April 1st in an effort to educate and build greater environmental awareness among the world’s youth.

KidZania’s Greener World Pledge includes a collection of practical ideas submitted by kids (e.g., picking up trash, using both sides of paper, turning off lights, and taking shorter showers) and served as the cornerstone of a global celebration to amplify the importance of environmental stewardship. Signatures were collected online and at all nine KidZania park locations.

“KidZania believes that children can have a positive impact on the Earth no matter their age,” said Xavier Lopez Ancona, president and founder of KidZania. “The KidZ for a Greener World pledge demonstrates that kids have a universal and innate desire to protect their world. From Mexico to Malaysia, from Indonesia to India, from Portugal to the Philippines – children from around the globe vowed to make earth-healthy choices, everyday habits.”

The KidZ for a Greener World campaign was born from the company’s mission to help kids create a better world. Each KidZania location created customized eco-conscious activities to appeal to its local youth, including KidZania Lisbon, who won the “Greenest City” award in a KidZania park-to-park competition. KidZania Jakarta brought the Greener World program to more than 50 enthusiastic schools. KidZania Seoul collected pledge signatures electronically and distributed herb seeds and recipes. And, KidZania Dubai colored the entire city green and hosted a fashion show of child-made recycled wares.

In June, KidZania will open KidZania Cuicuilco, the largest and most environmentally sustainable children’s entertainment destination in the world. Located in Mexico City, the new park is a model of environmental stewardship and offers fully-immersive, real-world environmental experiences for kids as an arborist, power plant operator, meteorologist, water quality inspector and more.

A video montage spotlighting some of the best eco-ideas submitted by children can be viewed here:

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