KidZania Cuicuilco The World’s Largest Edutainment City is Founded

Mexico City, Mexico. KidZania Journal. May 30, 2012. (English). KidZania, the global leader in children’s edutainment, today founded KidZania Cuicuilco, the company’s third theme park in Mexico and tenth in the world, making it the most innovative edutainment center on the planet.

Mexico’s First Lady Mrs. Margarita Zavala Gómez del Campo was the guest of honor, and lit the Eternal Spirit of KidZania, officially establishing KidZania Cuicuilco, which is 3.5 times bigger than any other KidZania facility in the world.

Mrs. Margarita Zavala was received by Mr. Xavier López Ancona –President of KidZania– and a girl representing Mexican youth, who presented the First Lady a travel kit with a boarding pass and all the documents required to travel to KidZania Cuicuilco.

After touring the fun-filled city aboard a KidZania city tour bus, the First Lady and the President of KidZania arrived to the City Downtown, where a group of more than 250 people awaited them. Among the VIP guests were Mexico’s Ministers of Economy, Education, Treasury and Communications & Transportation, 18 ambassadors, Governors of 12 KidZania States, as well as representatives of the 80 industry partners —all supporting KidZania’s mission to help children get ready for a better world.

Mr. Xavier López bestowed the First Lady with the “Key to the City”, as a token of appreciation for supporting this 100% Mexican concept, and thanked her for supporting the development and well-being of children in Mexico and around the world.

KidZania Cuicuilco is the largest, most inventive KidZania children’s theme park to date. Located in Mexico City, KidZania Cuicuilco is home to unmatched experiences for kids that spotlight environmental stewardship, empathy for differently-abled children, practical financial skills and “good-for-you” choices by way of food and recreation.

KidZania Cuicuilco is a 14,000 square meter (150,000 square foot) kid-sized city complete with 90 real-world establishments, including a city hall, bank, restaurants, hospital, sport’s stadium and more. Once in the park, kids choose from more than 120 careers, including a dog trainer (complete with real-live dog), mechanic, power plant operator, surgeon, CSI investigator, tortilla chief, road paver and more.

Mr. Xavier López said: “We are very happy that this dream has come true. Today, we can see how 13 years of experience, knowledge and innovation have resulted in the birth of KidZania Cuicuilco, one of the most progressive and unique theme parks that is equal parts fun and learning.”

KidZania Cuicuilco is located in the Plaza Inbursa Cuicuilco shopping center and is expected to receive more than 1 million visitors per year, revolutionizing the entertainment industry, just like KidZania Santa Fe did almost 13 years ago.

As this new park joins 9 others across the globe, empowerment for kids has never been so vast, realistic and fun!

KidZania Cuicuilco will officially open to the public in late June.

Mrs. Margarita Zavala, Mexico’s First Lady, at her arrival to KidZania Cuicuilco

The First Lady was accompanied by 4 Secretaries of State and Mr. Xavier López (President of KidZania)

Margarita Zavala walks with a girl that represents Mexican children

The First Lady continued her tour of the city on board a City Tour bus

Mr. Xavier López -President of KidZania- during his inaugural speech

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