KidZania Santa Fe celebrates its 1st Plastic Arts Competition

Mexico City, Mexico. KidZania Journal. April 25, 2012. (English). Today, Mexican fashion designer Hector Terrones visited KidZania Santa Fe to judge the 1st Internal Plastic Arts Competition that KidZania Santa Fe organized to showcase the ecological responsibility of KidZania’s collaborators. 

This activity is part of the global initiatives KidZania has been doing around Earth Day. The Ministry of Labor of KidZania Santa Fe wanted to involve its collaborators by way of raising awareness and keeping fresh KidZania’s first global program.

Many different ministries and sections of the city participated in the competition, where the work of Ricardo Arellano of the National Arts Company (1st place), Victor Rodriguez National Arts Company (2nd place) and a team representing the Ministry of Industry Management (3rd place), were chosen as winners by Hector Terrones, being the ones to best capture and convey the message to preserve the environment and raise awareness for a greener world.

“All works are amazing! But what is most important is that participants have showed their level of commitment and the passion they have for KidZania. It is very difficult today to find companies where collaborators take extra time participating in such initiatives”, said the famous fashion designer. “I can see some of the works were done with materials and leftovers that can be found in the facility, which gives an added value to their work and effort.”

Participants had two weeks to do their work, whether drawing or sculpting with the only requirement that they used recycled materials and/or ecologically processed.

The 1st Internal Plastic Arts Competition is one of several activities that KidZania Santa Fe has planned to join the global initiative KidZania, to make the world a greener place!

Fashion designer Hector Terrones reviewing the artworks


"Bache", by Ricardo Arellano, was named the 1st place. It was created using old newspaper, napkins, cardboard, vegetable paint, balloons and candy wrapping


"KidZania's Celebrated Residents", by District 2, obtained the 2nd place


Mexican fashion designer Mr. Héctor Terrones, together with the winners of the 1st Plastic Arts Competition


Mexican fashion designer Hector Terrones together with KidZania Santa Fe's collaborators and members of the local Ministry of Labor

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