KidZania Announces First City in South America!

Mexico City, Mexico. KidZania Journal. April 17, 2012. Yesterday, the Central Government of KidZania along with the Embassy of Chile in Mexico, hosted a press conference to inform the details of the upcoming opening of KidZania Santiago, which will be KidZania’s first facility in South America.

The event had the participation of Dr. Roberto Ampuero Espinoza, Ambassador of Chile to Mexico; Mr. Jaime Alliende Leiva Consul General and Counselor Minister of Chile; Mr. Leonardo Banda Maldonado, Director of ProChile-Mexico; Mr. Xavier López Ancona, President & CEO of KidZania; Mr. Esteban López Ancona and Mr. Francisco Ares, KidZania Investors; officers of the Central Government of KidZania; as well as more than 40 media representatives.

Mr. Jaime Alliende welcomed guests to the event and introduced Ambassador Ampuero, who showed his interest and joy for the arrival of KidZania to Chile, strengthening the business relationship between both countries. Ambassador Ampuero invited other Mexican companies to follow KidZania’s steps, restating that Chile’s doors are open to receive and drive the presence of Mexican companies that can be beneficial for his country, just like KidZania has done.

Mr. Xavier López Ancona, expressed his gratitude towards the Chilean Embassy for hosting the event on their premises. The President of KidZania also gave an in depth presentation on the KidZania concept, its global expansion and  showed in detail the KidZania Santiago project.

Following Chilean tradition, once all the presentations ended, hosts were offered vin d’honneur to toast for the KidZania-Chile relationship. At this  moment Mr. López Ancona presented the KidZania Key to the City to the Chilean Ambassador, as a token of appreciation for his support and interest in enriching the existing relationships between Mexico and Chile.

The event closed with a  surprise, as American Airlines –an Industry Partner in KidZania Santa Fe– raffled a free ticket to Santiago, Chile to allow one of the reporters to witness the Foundation Day of KidZania Santiago. Ms. Cecilia Rivera,–Marketing & E-Commerce, American Airlines–, drew the winning ticket and awarded the prize to a lucky reporter.

We wish our KidZania Santiago team the best of luck in their upcoming Foundation Day!

Mr. Xavier López Ancona, President of KidZania, with Dr. Roberto Ampuero Espinoxa, Ambassador of Chile to Mexico


Vin d'honneur toast for KidZania-Chile relationship - President of KidZania and Ambassador of Chile to Mexico

Mr. Jaime Alliende Leiva (Chilean Consul General to Mexico), Mr. Leonardo Banda Maldonado (Director, ProChile-Mexico), Ms. Maricruz Arrubarrena Ocejo (Minister of Industry, KidZania), Mr. Esteban López Ancona and Mr. Francisco Ares (KidZania Investors).

Mr. Oscar Padilla (PR & CSR Manager, KidZania), Ms. Eréndira Espinoza (Reporter, Excélsior) and winner of the free ticket to Santiago, Ms. Cecilia Rivera (Marketing and E-Commerce, American Airlines), and Ms. Maricruz Arrubarrena (Minister of Industry, KidZania).


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