More than 50 Industry Partners Visited KidZania Santiago

Santiago, Chile. KidZania Journal. March 30, 2012. (English). Yesterday, KidZania Santiago organized a special breakfast for all the Industry Partners that will participate in KidZania Santiago. This moment gave them the opportunity to meet each other, and not only their own establishments, but the entire city too. They were able to check by themselves the magnitude and importance of the project and were amazed by the details of the construction, the sky effects and even the dummies and special equipment of all the different activities.

The day started with a welcome speech by the General Manager, Mr. Raúl Matte, who was thankful for the support of all the companies and emphasized the importance of each one of them, in order to make KidZania Santiago something real.

After that, a video specially prepared for this event showed the main facts and highlights of the construction process of KidZania Santiago, such as the extraordinary search for the location or the airplane arrival to one of the most important harbors of Santiago. Besides all the amazing details that were able to bring to life this great project.

KidZania Santiago’s President, Pedro Tagle, emphasized how KidZania will contribute to Chile’s Education efforts, bringing out the support that the Ministry of Education and many other specialists has given to this project.

After the speeches, executives of the 50 companies that participate in KidZania Santiago, walked around the city and experienced first-hand how it works, the activities and the way the children will learn while playing.

All comments were very positive and the Metropolitan team was congratulated by many of the Industry Partners, who were flabbergasted by the quality standards and realism the park offers in each establishment.

Finally, when the Industry Partners departed, the operations team joined in KidZania Santiago Eternal Spirit where they sung KidZania’s National Anthem and after that, Mr. Matte recognized the effort, work, dedication and energy demonstrated by all the collaborators that made this event possible.

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