Egyptian Food Bank has great ambitions at KidZania

Setting out with the goal of teaching children all what it takes to be tomorrow’s independent, productive individuals and allowing them to lead the lives of grow-ups, KidZania® Cairo was particularly keen to have the Egyptian Food Bank (EFB) among its partners within the city to sow the seeds of social responsibility in the hearts of its young ones at an early age.

Through engaging children in the entire process of creating the EFB meals, from collecting food, monitoring its quality, packaging to ultimately delivering it to the needy, the Egyptian Food Bank will give KidZania® kids a true-to-life experience of voluntary work.

KidZania® Cairo Governor, Mr. Tarek Zidan, said that “the philosophy espoused by the Egyptian Food Bank that is based on taking on the responsibility of helping the needy, is in perfect harmony with KidZania® four basic rights to be, to know, to care and to play”.

“Having EFB among our partners within KidZania® is a not-to-pass-up opportunity that will highlight the social role of the city and foster the values of charity and voluntary work in our young ones. As an entire replica of a real city, KidZania® was keen to establish the principles of charity, public-spiritedness and philanthropy in its children’s lives. Through a full, hands-on approach, children will enjoy the feeling of giving while preparing the EFB meals to be delivered to the needy. They can even pitch in with their own donations along with those received from other shops within the city, either of food or money”, added Mr. Tarek.

Mr. Moez El-Shohdi, CEO of the EFB, said: “KidZania®, with its unique edutainment concept, along with the EFB’s voluntary program for children (Egyptian Food Bank Generation), can do wonders in teaching children a new meaning of life by understanding the value of social conscience and helping others, which will surely help them in future growth.”

KidZania®, coming to Cairo shortly and now present in eight cities including Mexico, Tokyo, Jakarta, Seoul, Lisbon, Koshien, and Dubai, will be the first in Africa and the second in the Middle East.

KidZania® Cairo is an entire kids-scale city built to simulate real life. Children between the ages of 4-14 are able to choose from more than 70 real-life jobs in a wide variety of sectors including retail, media and entertainment, construction, culture, sports and industry. Children can role play activities such as doctors, firemen, pilots or chefs in fully-equipped facilities, move around the edutainment city in cars or via public transportation, practice driving at the driving streets within the city, dine at restaurants, or explore their talents at the theatre. As in the real world, children perform jobs and are either paid for their work or pay to shop or to be certified or entertained.

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