KidZania Sourcing LP opens in Hong Kong

KidZania Sourcing LP, the subsidiary company that will design and source new KidZania products and merchandise for both retail and redemption sales, opened its office in Hong Kong today. Given that the Chinese calendar is very particular about what day to launch the business, our team chosed this date to make the official opening. For this same reason the company was registered on June 10th, because this too is very auspicious date for good business and good Feng Shui.

During the opening which started at 18:30 local time, our team opened the office to our vendors, local partners, providers, family and friends to bring in good luck. At 19:00 exactly the ribbon was cut by Mr. Cove Overley.

Traditional roasted suckling pig was served after all the members of the KidZania Sourcing team assisted in splitting the head of the pig and then serving it to friends and colleagues to grant prosperity in every department.

All KidZania Sourcing LP staff attended: Ben Tse –Product Safety and Compliance Manager; Irene Lai –Senior Product Manager; Ida Ho –Product Development Supervisor; Walter Tang –Senior Merchandise Manager; Cliff Cheung– Merchandiser; Joe Kwan –Senior Graphic Designer; Jenny Ng –Accountant; Cove Overley –VP, Global Merchandising; and Crystal Tsang –Product Development Intern.

Guests included Mrs. Catherine Fung –General Manager, Li and Fung; Josephine Cheung –Senior Vice President Li & Fung Global; Miss Veron Lai –Product Manager; Miss Jessica Kelty –Creator, Mess by Jess Clothing; Mr. Justin Sandery – Managing Director,  Street Value; Christopher Tam –Operations Director, Street Value; Robert Kushner –CEO, Urban Trend; Mark Chernik –CEO, Play Visions; Miss Erica Cheung –ATA Insurance Brokerage Executive; Mike J. Simpson –CEO, JKID JAPAN; and Bobo Sham Po Sham –Award Winning Toy Story Designer and Owner of Mass Smart.

Bobo, Jenny, Josephine, Cove and Crystal

Cove Overley cutting ribbon

Cove, Katherine and Josephine

Good luck cakes from ATA Insurance

Ida and Joe

Josephine and Cove with Mr. and Mrs. Chernik

Walter Tang and guests

New merchandise

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