KidZania Gives Donation to Japanese Community

KidZania gave a donation for $249,235.80 pesos to Mr. Kiyomi Kimura, President of the Mexican-Japanese Association, with the intention to help kids affected by the tsunami that hit Japan last March 11th. The event took place in KidZania Santa Fe’s Theater and had the presence of His Excellency Mr. Shuichiro Megata –Japanese Ambassador to Mexico– and Ms. Miwa Yoshizawa –Cultural Aggregate.

As a result of the terrible events that happened a few months ago and that left more than 28,000 people affected in Japan, KidZania launched a support campaign called “Help Japanese children” to start collecting funds to support the affected Japanese community. This support plan was created to show KidZania’s solidarity with the people of Japan, because through KidZania Tokyo and KidZania Koshien, the company witnessed the devastation and collateral effects that the tsunami left behind.

For that reason, KidZania Santa Fe and KidZania Monterrey implemented special activities to let visitors sum to this great cause. “Help Japanese children” included fund raising, souvenir auctions, Origami workshops, money collection among KidZania employees and donations from visitors. Apart from that, both KidZania cities had an “Adult Only” event, in which adults were able to play as kids in the establishments.

With the participation of our visitors and KidZania employees, the efforts helped to raise $226,480.80 pesos among the two facilities. Berlitz Mexico, our partner, donated $22,755.00 pesos, which came from matching with pesos the kidZos that our children visitors donated. The two amounts totaled $249.235.80 pesos to support Japanese families through the Mexican-Japanese Association.

Mr. Xavier López, President of KidZania, said: “This campaign shows that KidZania always looks to contribute to the development of children, having this time the opportunity to benefit two-fold, because while raising funds for Japanese children, we were able to give Mexican kids the opportunity to experience a great feeling such as being able to help others”.

The donation was received by Mr. Kiyomi Kimura, President of the Mexican-Japanese Association and was given by Mr. Xavier López and Mr. Diego Salmón, –CEO, Berlitz Mexico.

Children dressed in traditional Mexican costumes delivered the check.

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