B•KidZanian Loyalty Program starts testing phase in KidZania Santa Fe!

Mexico City, Mexico. KidZania Journal. December 12, 2011 (English). B•KidZanian, KidZania’s Loyalty Program, launched its test environment this Monday in its flagship city of KidZania Santa Fe.

The B•KidZanian program was created to recognize KidZania’s frequent visitors through a system that grants them benefits according to different loyalty categories. Through this program, our visitors can apply to obtain the KidZanian citizenship and then commit to work together for a better world. B•KidZanian also allows our visitors to practice the rights to be, care, know and play while giving them opportunities to take their experience at KidZania to new levels and to build new skills.

Different passport categories

Using the tagline “Benefits for Better CitiZens”, KidZania not only points to the value of participating in the program, but directly links the responsibility of KidZanians in the construction of a better world.

There are four different categories, names and characteristics in this program:

  • Tourist – Regular visitor without the KidZanian citizenship
  • Naturalized citizen – Enjoys participating and learning
  • Disntinguished citizen – Likes to experiment and enjoys developing his skills and is open to help
  • Honorable citizen – Wants to be a leader and share knowledge, independent and likes demonstrating his value
Launch campaign ad

Watch the launch campaign movie ad here (in Spanish):

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